A high-end restaurant and café complex

It has been established in the area of ​​its distinctive experiences next to Tahlia Street and is characterized by its design based on creating the largest area of ​​balconies overlooking King Mohammed V Street, the place that hosts many restaurants and cafes modern, making it a point of attraction to meet in the center of Riyadh. .


Our Done Projects

The complex and its rental units are designed and constructed specifically to support food and beverage facilities to meet all requirements, requirements and official licenses.

What We Do?

We Offer Design of the building

Design based on the existence of outdoor spaces for restaurants and cafes and to be the most important part of the building is the terrace

General Constructing

The idea of the project design, which is inspired from the idea of open balconies, is to attract visitors looking for open fresh air so that the restaurant visitor has the options of sitting outside or inside in the middle of A view open to palm trees and carefully-studied lighting adding an intimate atmosphere to the place Not to mention the available ground parking lots that can accommodate up to 60 of the visitors’ cars in order to facilitate the visitors’ accessibility to the selected restaurants through elevators that have been equipped for each exhibition separately

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